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Entry for June 18, 2008 Blumine Island in The Marlborough Sounds- Pest Free for 3 years

A predator-free island sanctuary in the Marlborough Sounds has been created by the result of a partnership between Untouched World Charitable Trust, the Department of Conservation and other commercial and educational organisations.

Blumine Island, located in the Queen Charlotte Sound, has been declared predator free by the Conservation Minister Steve Chadwick. There has been no sign of mice or stouts since 2005.

The island is open to the public and holds week long educational programmes for secondary school students who contribute to the continued pest eradication by carrying out trap maintenance and monitoring wildlife and plants.

Blumine Island is home to the tui, bellbirds, fantails, and kereru and plays an important role in sustaining endangered species such as Robins, South Island Saddleback, Kakariki and Kiwi. The island also holds a unique giant snail species Powelliphanta Hochstteri bicolour.

As well as holding unique and endangered species the island also hosts historical interest due to it being a former World War 2 military base with gun emplacements and other installations from that period.

2008-06-19 01:51:10 GMT
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